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15th November 2012

bloody_leigh11:07am: --> LJ Name: bloody_leigh

--> Birthdate: 10/7/1974

--> Why James St. James?: He's FANTABULOUS!!!!

--> When did you first become a fan?: When I first saw the Club Kids on the Geraldo Show...so a long long time ago.

--> Tell us something fabulously random about yourself: I have an unhealthy obsession with Brian Molko

--> Favorite books: The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Disco Bloodbath, Helter Skelter, The Vampire Lestat, To Kill A Mockingbird, etc

--> Favorite music: Placebo, Leonard Cohen, Green Day, Garbage, Elvis, Alice in Chains, Nirvana, Beatles, A Group Called Smith, etc

--> Favorite films: Party Monster, Green Street Hooligans, Cabaret, Helter Skelter, Cruel Intentions, Clerks, MallRats, Reservoir Dogs, etc

--> Quote something from Disco Bloodbath/Party Monster: “If letters had eyebrows, these would be arched.”
Current Mood: calm
bloody_leigh10:52am: Two Favorite quotes from the book...
“No, Michael, I do not trust you on a boat, I do not trust you on a goat. I do not trust you here. I do not trust you there. I do not trust you anywhere.”    (how could you not love it??? )
          And my second:
“We didn't wish -- wishes are wasted...
We didn't hope -- because our future was inevitable...
And we didn't pray -- we were on our own.”   (I think this is so true for most people...I know it has been for me)
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26th September 2010

amielola2:25pm: My favorite Quotation from the book <3
(from page 285):

Once you've seen the absolute worst in everybody you've ever met, you sort of give up hope.
Any good that you might see- well, you know better.
You know what lurkes beneath the surface, whtas right around the corner.
You have seen the truth in everybody. EVERYBODY.
So you accept that everyone is capable of hurting you.
They are only out there for themselves. You will end up hurt. You can't judge people in the same way that you once did- " this person is good" ; " this person is bad"...you embrace everyone equally.
But now there is a protective barrier.
So thats why Freeze would spend time with anyone. ANYONE. It didnt matter if it was the queen of Romania or the prince of port authority. He was himself, once removed. When he was presented with something good, he took it quickly because he knew it wouldnt last. And he steeled himself against the coming bad.
Its not such a terrible way to live.
Its neither heaven nor hell.
Because if youre never really sad- you know too much to let life surpise you or to got to you- then, youre also never truly happy.
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15th November 2006

monstercouture11:49am: new member!
--> LJ Name: monstercouture

--> Birthdate: 06/11/89

--> Why James St. James?: because he is one of a kind.

--> When did you first become a fan?: about a year ago.

--> Tell us something fabulously random about yourself: i have preminitions

--> Favorite books: party monster.

--> Favorite music: peaches, radiohead, ok go, the pixies

--> Favorite films: party monster, the rocky horror picture show, adam sandler movies.

--> Quote something from Disco Bloodbath/Party Monster: "There were drag queens and drag kings and freaks of all kinds. Club kids in all their frippery, wearing tiaras and flower pots on their heads. Futuristic Geisha gangsters stood next to a pair of beaded jellyfish, who were learning all about a new unisex masturbation machine made from six cow tongues attached to a rotating wheel."

22nd March 2006

purepulp8:25pm: Hahaha... James has a Myspace which I, for some weird reason find adorable. Hahhaa... sooo if you want to go and have a look over there and add him or whatever then here is the link.... JAMES!
I got this link from his Blog at WOW! so yeah it's the real thing... BTW if you havent seen his Blog for a while he's updated again YAY!...

13th February 2006

purepulp12:46pm: Tralala
LJ Name: Purepulp

--> Birthdate: Friday, 13th July 1984

--> Why James St. James?: Cause he’s hilarious, sweet, gorgeous is amazingly talented and he’s different

--> When did you first become a fan?: I heard about him ages ago and then I saw Party Monster and I fell into adoration.

--> Tell us something fabulously random about yourself: I’m fabulously boring… :) Nothing to me at all really ‘cept I have a secret love of Barry Manilow… Tell no one.

--> Favorite books: Well favorite short story is ‘Brokeback Mountain, Tenant of Wildfell Hall – Anne Bronte, Anything by Edgar Allan Poe and anything Non-Fiction about certain antisocial members of society. I have only just managed to order a copy of Disco Bloodbath in Australia and it hasn’t arrived yet… I can’t wait till it does.

--> Favorite music: Everything just about. I like all genres, Sarah Mclachlan, Rolling Stone, Sex Pistols, Allison Krauss, Dr Dre, Anything old school Country… tons of stuff

--> Favorite films: Brokeback Mountain, Party Monster, But I’m a Cheerleader, Basically anything and everything, I’m a movie whore I even love shitty movies that everyone else hates.

--> Quote something from Disco Bloodbath/Party Monster: I’ll quote something from the movie…. Because I can darn it ;)
"James: Last night, I dreamt of Glocca Morra... again.
It's really a shame you can't publish a sentence. I'm convinced it would be a best-seller."

1st February 2006

downtimexdamage8:03pm: --> LJ Name: downtimexdamage ... I don't really know where I came up with that name.

--> Birthdate: August 30

--> Why James St. James?: Why not? He makes more sense than Michael Alig or any of the others.

--> When did you first become a fan?: When Seth Green vividly brought his character to the screen.

--> Tell us something fabulously random about yourself: I have seven kittens. :)

--> Favorite books: House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski, A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess

--> Favorite music: There's so much... electronica, electropop, techno, dance, soundtracks. Anything, really.

--> Favorite films: Crash (if you haven't seen it, see it), Gummo, Party Monster, and Fight Club

--> Quote something from Disco Bloodbath/Party Monster:
"Funny, that no matter where you are in the world, there's always someone eager to help you destroy yourself."
"Evil must be baked at 650 degrees."
"The cab just stopped. Just stopped in the middle of the street. The cab driver was looking neither here nor there, at nothing in particular. He had just decided to drift off into dreamland. 'I do it all the time,' he said presently. 'It's hard enough out there, isn't it? I never know the right way to go. Sometimes, when it gets too rough--I just switch gears. I turn off everything and just sit.' Pause. 'But you can't do that forever, James. People suffer from indecisiveness. You have to do something. You have to do the right thing.'"


28th January 2006

cabaret_queen11:19pm: hi! new! =^.^=

--> LJ Name: cabaret_queen (cabaret, because i love cabaret, and queen, because Queen is my favorite band)

--> Birthdate:10-23-87

--> Why James St. James?:hes fabulous!, and hes a good author, and hes just silly. hehe

--> When did you first become a fan?: to tell the truth, i havent heard of any clubkids until party monster. im sorry. but once i heard about them and him, i had to know more!

--> Tell us something fabulously random about yourself: well, i once acted out characters with others to rocky horror, at my college. it was so embarassing, but it was so fun. it was for a lgbqts club thing.

--> Favorite books:disco bloodbath, tommys tale, if i should die before i wake, and harry potter.

--> Favorite music: rock n roll! classic rock. i like anything i can dance to. electro stuff is great! i love miss kitten, felix da housecat, and the hacker... i have most of the bands that i like listed on my myspace. (add me if you want =^.^= www.myspace.com/a_st_j)

--> Favorite films: rocky horror, party monster, too wong foo(sp?), RENT, spice world, anything with alan cumming or macaulay culkin. hehe

--> Quote something from Disco Bloodbath/Party Monster: (this is a beautiful quote, and my favorite)
we didnt wish- wishes are wasted...
we didnt hope- because our future was inevitable...
and we didnt pray- we were on our own...

well, there ya go. my name is annie may, by the way. add me if you like. =^.^=
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